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4-inch Pocket All-Weather Magnesium Fire Starter


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You never know when you might need to start a fire, so get prepared with the Grizzly Peak 4-inch fire starter. This number one emergency toolkit item has a sturdy thumb grip and 3-inch magnesium bar with a flint rod that can spark a flame in any condition, even when wet. It also comes with a striker that’s perfect for scraping tinder and has a 50mm ruler and bottle opener. The compact set comes attached on a nylon tie, making it easy to keep track of and store in your car, backpack, pocket or other small space. It’s a must-have for all campers, backpackers, hikers, fishers and survivalist.

How to use a Grizzly Peak fire starter:

– Remove the striker and rod from the nylon tie

– Shave a fair amount magnesium onto your tinder

– Point the rod at your tinder with your flint on the top of the rod

– Firmly holding the striker in one hand and pulling the rod away with the other to create sparks

– Focus on using slower strokes with more pressure instead of quick light strokes

– Blow gently on the ignited magnesium to spread the flames

-Once you have a flame, begin adding more tinder to your fire and watch it grow

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